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Houston Workers Compensation Law

Considering how much time we spend in the workplace or on the job, it's no wonder why a large percentage of accidental injuries occur at work.   The workers' compensation system is a Texas state-regulated insurance program that pays the medical bills of an injured employee and replaces a percentage of the lost wages of an injured worker or a worker who is suffering from an occupational illness or disease.  The Texas workers' compensation system protects employers from having a civil lawsuit brought against them by an injured worker.

Under the Texas Workers' Compensation Act, recovery of workers' compensation benefits is a covered employee's exclusive remedy against their employer for a work-related injury sustained by the employee.  Providing your employer carries workers' compensation insurance, a workers' comp claim is usually the only way that you are allowed to take legal action against your employer for a work-related injury or an injury that happens during the course of your work.  However, you may have another avenue to obtain additional compensation and this is through filing a third-party claim.

Under Texas law, you are not barred from pursuing compensation from a negligent third party (parties other than your employer or co-worker) whose negligence contributed to your injuries.

Houston Workers Compensation Specialists

Workers every day across the nation suffer on-the-job injuries-injuries that may lead to lost income, disability, permanent brain damage, or other serious ailments.  Suffering a serious workplace injury can be devastating as injured workers are often faced with physical and financial difficulties, rising medical bills, and an inability to return to work.

Workers’ compensation is insurance coverage held by an employer that provides benefits to workers injured on the job.  But filing a claim can be confusing, and you want to make sure you’re receiving all of the benefits you need.  The workers' compensation lawyers at The Houston Workers Compensation Attorney Law Firm are here to help.

Insurance companies commonly look for ways to deny workers' compensation claims. They make their profits by denying, delaying or distorting claims.  In our opinion, they make their profits by collecting premiums and not paying out benefits.  The average workers' compensation insurance company has been in business for decades and maintains a legal department with numerous lawyers, each of whom is skilled in defending against claims, and even in determining the odds that you will fight for your right to compensation.

Houston Workers Compensation Cases

Where do you turn when:

You have been injured on the job and you're afraid that you will not only have expensive medical bills but also be out of a job?
Your employer has denied you workers' compensation benefits and your family is having problems making ends meet?
You need to be retrained for another job after an accident or have become permanently disabled and don't know what to do?

If you are suffering from a job related injury or disease we can help you with your Workers’ Compensation claim, Jones Act claim, Longshore Harbor Workers’ claim, Defense Base Act claim and or any other job related claim.  We can help you protect your job or sue an employer who fires you because of your job injury.

We will make sure that your checks are the correct amount (most checks are not enough), protect your job or sue an employer who fires you because of your job injury, and help you locate the right doctor who is not under the thumb of an employer or insurance company.

FREE Workers Compensation Attorney Consulation
Remember, workers' compensation is no-fault insurance.  It does not matter if you were violating a company policy, not lifting properly, etc. when your injury occurred.  You are still covered under workers' compensation laws.

To discuss your options with one of our experienced attorneys, contact one of our conveniently located offices in Houston, Texas, to schedule a personalized FREE consultation.
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